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Welcome to Ruben's World Gallery, "Art with Imagination" an online gallery art space.

About the artist;

Born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Weehawken, NJ in 1989 to sell a failing dental practice after making it viable. I moved to New York shortly after we sold what turned out to be a very successful practice in just under a year. I didn't want to move back to Los Angeles for the simple fact that I was thrilled to be living in the City and everything it had to offer a single successful young man. Later I met someone that grew up "Down the Shore" from Spring Lake Heights in 1999 and I ended up moving here.  Asbury Park is now where I call home.  I feel extremely blessed to be living so close to Asbury Park's beautiful beaches as well as everything this beautiful city has to offer.  I love the abundance of nature and wildlife this area has to offer to someone who grew up camping most of his adult life. 

I don't consider myself to be a traditional photographer. What do I mean by this?  I'll try my best to describe the fact that the majority of my photography is captured by my Samsung 7 and my Canon 30 and 40 Ds.  I find that the quality of the graphics that all 3 of these cameras can render spectacular results without much manipulation to the image.  I do shoot with my Cannon 30D and my 40D when certain projects require that I use a more professional setup. My Samsung 7 allows me much more freedom by allowing me to flee my apartment at a moments notice, especially when I can see the sky begin morphing into spectacular colors one would be lucky enough to capture. I often times go out and shoot either a sunrise or sunset (Weather permitting) a few days per week and share them on social media.  It's called "Chasing Sunsets" or "Chasing Sunrises". You can catch them weekly on Facebook or my Instagram accounts. 

I'm very proud of my work that grace the walls of many reputable establishments such as; Stella Marina, Belmontes, Tim McCloones, The Santander Condominiums, and others.  My work also hangs in beautiful homes of clients and friend's homes.  It gives me so much joy to walk into someone's home and see a piece of my work on their walls. It is also inspiring to run into folks that share their thoughts through social network sites or often times in person with me about how much they enjoy my photography. I do a thing on Facebook called Chasing Sunsets where I rush out to certain areas like Sea Bright, Shark River Hills, Belmar, Sandy Hook, etc. where I try and capture the sunset or sunrises and then post that night or that same morning. A lot of these photographs are from jumping in my car or simply running a block to the beach camera in tow.  I try my best to get to a different location to shoot these images. 

All work is for sale.  Pricing depends on size and medium; glass, metal, canvas or traditional high quality photographic paper.  Simply contact me at [email protected] com or at (732) 794-9159.

Thank you in advance for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed my work. Feel free to ask questions, talk to me about a project, ask about pricing, it's all good.